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[网络] wearable devices; wearable device; Wearable Tech;

英 [diˈvais] 美 [dɪˈvaɪs]

n. 装置,设备; 设计; 策略; 图案;



"Wearable smart devices" refers to the wearable devices that developed with intelligent design for daily wear.For example,glasses,gloves,watches,clothing,shoes and so on.


The term “wearable devices” refer to electronic technologies or computers that are incorporated into items of clothing and accessories which can comfortably be worn on the body.


Wearable devices can perform many of the same computing tasks as mobile phones and laptop computers.

4、我们知道,像google glass一样的可穿戴设备经历了用户的多番畅想和厂商的不懈尝试之后,终于走到今天这个阶段.

As we know, wearable equipment, such as google glasses, has gone through multiple rounds of users' feedbacks and producers' trials, eventually coming into what it looks like today.


Other technologies expected to announce new developments are wearable devices, not only smart watches but smart glasses and even smart rings.


Wearable intelligent device, like any other great technological changes, will certainly cause various problems, because new technology has always come before the arrival of relevant laws and courtesy. However, the era of wearable device has come regardless of whether we are ready for it.





Today, I will introduce a new product to you which is sure to change our lives.


Statistics show that every year the number of children going missing in China can be as high as 200,000 and the percentage of the ones found afterwards is even less than one in a thousand.

Today, young parents are under a lot of pressure and are too busy to take care of their children. Many would leave the children to their grandparents. However, it is observed that in many communities children get to playing in the neighbourhood on their own, unsupervised. In interviews, some grandparents admit that looking after kids is truly a burden for them.

The problem of getting lost is rife with pets, too.

Worrying parents who lost their children could do nothing than to call the police, but often, the police cannot act fast enough missing the best opportunity for finding the lost kid. For pets owners who lost their pets, they would have to be on their own: police won't help with looking for animals.

This is why we have developed this product.


GPS which enable finders to instantly locate the watch. Emergency button which allowes a short-time voice call for the user to brief the situation to the outside. Water-proofness allowes the watch to go 100 meters deep. Long working time and trackability.

How does it work

The device is connected to the smart phone app through bluetooth, the same as a traditional tracker.

When your child or your pet is more than 25 foot away from you, the alarm goes off alerting the user to look out for his/her child or pet.

It a kidnapper should run away with your baby, you can use the watch to track them, and the app would send a message to the police as well as other users for help.


Instant tracking and alarm

Parent community

On children, pets and any thing you value


Less missing children, safer community, lower crime rate


Losing items can be a headache for modern people, yet the emergence of such product will solve the problem once and for all.


With the development of modern technicologies, new inventions solve more and more problems in our lives. Solution of problems makes the world a better place.


With comprehensive application of all kinds of wearable devices, wearable device applications will also be from external smart watches, glasses, shoes, gradually enter human body inside, such as smart contact lenses, PH capsule, will make great contribution to human body health care.


Health data, location information has privacy, a user first wearable device manufacturers to provide equipment to trust is safe environment in order to decide whether you want to share personal data to third-party platforms such as health management companies, hospitals and so on.

英语翻译Companies developing this high-tech fashion envision always-on e-mail,

Companies developing this high-tech fashion envision always-on e-mail,''buddy alerts" that sense if your friends are nearby,plus downloadable music and videos wherever you go.




1、android_secure 是官方app2sd的产物,删了之后装到sd卡中的软件就无法使用了。

2、Bluetooth 顾名思义,用蓝牙之后就会有这个。

3、mobo 顾名思义,Moboplayer的缓存文件。

4、QQ 顾名思义,QQ的缓存文件。

5、quickoffice 顾名思义,quickoffice的缓存文件。

6、.switchpro 顾名思义,switchprowidget(多键开关)的缓存文件。

7、.ucdlres 顾名思义,UC迅雷的缓存文件。

8、albumart 音乐专辑封面的缓存文件夹。

9、albums 相册缩略图的缓存文件夹。

10、Android 比较重要的文件夹,里面是一些程序数据,比如google map的地图缓存。

11、backups 一些备份文件,比如联系人导出到SD卡时会导入到此文件夹。

12、baidu 顾名思义,掌上百度、百度输入法之类程序的缓存文件夹。

13、bugtogo 系统出现问题的时候会形成一些报告文件,存放于此文件夹。

14、cmp 个人初步判断是音乐的缓存文件夹。

15、data 同样是缓存数据的文件夹,与Android性质类似。

16、DCIM 相机的缓存文件夹。

17、documents DocumentsTo Go的相关文件夹。

18、etouch 易行的缓存文件夹。

19、extracted androzip等解压缩软件默认的解压目录。

20、gameloft 顾名思义,gameloft游戏数据包存放的文件夹。

21、handcent 顾名思义handcent(超级短信)数据文件夹。

22、handyCurrency 货币汇率相关的文件夹,装了handycalc(科学计算器)之后才会有。

23、ireader 顾名思义,ireader的缓存文件夹。

24、KingReader 顾名思义,开卷有益的缓存文件夹。

25、LazyList Applanet(黑市场)的缓存目录,也许和其他程序也有关,暂时不太清楚。


27、moji 顾名思义,墨迹天气的缓存目录。

28、MusicFolders poweramp产生的缓存文件夹。

29、openfeint 顾名思义,openfeint的缓存文件夹。

30、Picstore 图片浏览软件建立的一个目录。

31、Playlists 播放列表的缓存文件夹。

32、renren 顾名思义,人人网客户端的缓存文件夹。

33、screenshot 截屏图片保存的目录,screenshot这个软件的。


35、SmartpixGames SmartpixGames出品游戏的缓存文件夹,比如Jewellust。

36、sogou 顾名思义,搜狗拼音的缓存文件夹。

37、SpeedSoftware RE文件管理器的缓存文件夹。

38、SystemAppBackupSystemApp remove(深度卸载)备份系统文件后,备份文件保存的目录。

39、TalkingFriends talkingtom(会说话的tom猫)录制的视频文件所保存的目录。

40、Tencent 顾名思义,腾讯软件的缓存目录,比如QQ。(与上面的.QQ文件夹并不相同)

41、TitaniumBackup 顾名思义,钛备份备份的程序所保存的目录。

42、TunnyBrowser 感觉是海豚浏览器的缓存目录,但不知道为什么叫这个名字,金枪鱼浏览器…..

43、UCDLFiles UC迅雷下载文件的保存目录。

44、UCDownloads UC浏览器下载文件的保存目录。

45、VIE Vignette(晕影相机)的缓存目录。

46、yd_historys Youdao 有道词典搜索历史的缓存目录。

47、yd_speech 有道词典单词发音的缓存目录。

48、youmicache 删掉后还会自动生成,悠米广告的缓存目录,广告程序内嵌在其他程序中。

49、新建文件夹 检查下是不是你自己放什么图的文件夹。。

50、sina 新浪微博。

51、playnow 索尼爱立信的在线商店playnow。

52、PlayerPro 好评最多的音乐播放器。

53、Mcdonalds 手机里的Mcdonalds软件的缓存,删除后,软件要重新联网下载才能使用。不建议删除。

54、mhc 手机里装了偷拍软件后,偷拍后的文件就在这里。

55、sgsupdate 三国杀 的升级文件的安装包就在这。






一、可穿戴设备操作更加便捷。 像智能手机相比PC可更加便于携带一样,可穿戴智能设备相比其他移动设备不仅更加便携,在使用上也更加便捷,它几乎可以完全依靠人体的自然动作实现操作,比如通过眨眼进行拍照,挥手开启录音等。这显然比双手捧着设备按钮、滑动、翻菜单、搜索更加诱人。

二、可穿戴设备是24小时携带。 智能手机虽然普及,总不可能晚上抱着睡觉,但手表、腕带等可穿戴设备可以。当然,抱着睡觉算不上优势,可是,能够全天候携带特性有利于方便对用户进行持续的健康或医疗监测。另外,通过皮肤震动进行无声的睡眠唤醒等等。24小时贴身的特性,让可穿戴设备不容易被盗或丢失。

三、可穿戴设备更美观和时尚。 许多人购买iPhone5,是因为时尚漂亮被吸引,而不是顾及功能强大,甚至有的纯粹为炫耀的虚荣心所满足,真正用在功能上仍限打电话发短信聊天,少使用其它软件。相信将来生产的智能项链、智能耳环或智能手镯,胜过毫无实际用途的首饰饰品。自然不排除用珠宝黄金钻石镶嵌的可穿戴设备,这才是炫富的首选。

四、可穿戴设备增强人体能力。 随着云计算快速发展,可穿戴设备带给用户的计算能力将是极其强大的。由于可穿戴设备几乎跟人体融为一体,所带来的强大计算能力就如与生俱来一般,就像每一个人拥有了超能力般。不难想象:不需要打开手机、打开浏览器,眨眨眼睛,就能够知道明天的天气;扫一眼英文报纸,就可以出现即时翻译的结果;站在商场外,就看到有没有商家在打折;坐在车里,就能看到十公里外的路况……当然优势还有很多,ofweek可穿戴设备网望采纳


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